Mom’s Group Talk

Book Guest Speaker and Family Trust Attorney Marc G. Garlett For Your Mom’s Group and Get the Straight Scoop on Legal Planning for Busy Moms

Legal planning doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive or even something hard to discuss. It can be super easy (and even fun) and with a 20-30 minute presentation to your mom’s group, Marc will be able to get the moms in your group the information they need.

Moms (and dads, too!) attending this informative, fast, and friendly presentation will discover how to:

  • Be sure your children never spend even one moment in the care of strangers (or anyone you wouldn’t want) if anything happens to you.

  • Avoid the expenses and delays of a long, drawn-out court process that would make life difficult for your loved ones if you were in an accident.

  • Protect your children’s inheritance from creditors, lawsuits and failed marriages.

  • Make sure your hard-earned money is immediately and privately available to your chosen guardians.

  • Leave behind more than just your money.

Plus, at the end of the presentation, Marc will give away a free gift!

Call Us to Schedule Marc for Your Mom’s Group, Preschool, or Parent’s Group Presentation

His Schedule Books Up Quickly and He Can Only Schedule 2 Presentations Max. Per Month!