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I was looking for an estate planning attorney to refer my clients to when I was first introduced to Marc by another advisor who spoke very highly of him and his firm.  Marc and I spent around 90 minutes together discussing his practice, his processes and his experience.  I was really impressed by Marc’s ability to communicate complicated legal jargon in simplified terms.  Most clients don’t understand estate planning concepts but Marc explained them in such a way that anybody will understand.  I have since referred clients to Marc with complete confidence.  Thank you Marc for being a trusted advisor and making the complicated simple to understand.  Estate Planning is a must for everyone and Marc is someone who will guide you along the process to make sure you and your family are protected and that your legacy is in order.

Ricky B.

Marc and his staff are really great.  Definitely the most thorough and well designed Estate Planning process one could hope for.  Plus they are super nice people!

Erik S.

My wife and I have been wanting to put together a trust for years but didn’t know where to turn. We found Marc Garlett on Yelp. After our first initial consultation we were pleased with how precise and thorough he and his staff were with all the details. They communicated with us about what we needed and what to do throughout the whole process. We got more than what we expected. More importantly, it was well worth the piece of mind we now have knowing our family legacy is in order.

Larry M.

I cannot say enough good things about Marc and his team.  After 2+ years of working with him, I can proudly say that Marc is not only my attorney, but my friend.  He’s a family man and the hard work he and his staff provide reflect their values in life.  They are honest and sincere in their efforts to help you in any, and every, facet of family law that they can.  Thank you, Marc…for everything!

Steven H.

Marc is a different kind of attorney. I think he’s out to give them a good name… and it’s working! He’s thorough, personable and professional. What he says he will do, he does. I felt safe, comfortable and confident using him for our trust and my small business. If you have been afraid of the whole legal world, as I have been, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Lori K.
Marc G. Garlett is one of the most GENUINE and KNOWLEDGEABLE attorneys you’ll meet. He’s not only a family man who strongly believes in his work as an estate attorney, but he’s also a great business attorney and adviser. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Michael Alaniz

I needed to update my will and trust.  The attorney who originally set it up has moved out of state so I had to find a new attorney to help me.  I am so glad to have found Marc. Marc takes the most complicated legal jargon and makes it possible to understand.  Nothing is completed without a full discussion to make sure the client understands it.  I now have my new Trust and Will and I’m so relieved and happy.  The reviews on Yelp were a major part of my decision to go with Marc.  Marc is everything and more that you see written by all his reviewers – he has my highest recommendation.

Annie B.

My husband and I switched from a trust attorney in a large Pasadena firm to Marc Garlett after hearing his presentation at a Rotary Club meeting. Marc’s level of service far exceeds that of our previous high priced attorney who charged us for every brief issue we called her to clarify. Marc encourages clients to call him with follow up questions and does not charge additional fees. The documentation he presents to clients at the conclusion of the trust preparation is thorough and well organized. We are so pleased and highly recommend the Law Offices of Marc G. Garlett.

Rosie B.

We appreciate Marc’s attention to detail as he thought of so many things that we did not know about. We had no knowledge of the process, but we knew a trust was important. We trust that Marc has our best intentions in mind and feel good that we can reach out and ask for help as well at any time. He is a family man and it shows in his commitment and dedication toward protecting our family.
Matthew Rouse
Marc is a genuinely good human being. The fact that he’s an attorney is a means to an end for helping people, with empathy, and doing the right thing. My wife and I set up our family trust with him for the benefit of our new family. We feel empowered knowing we’ve taken this important step and having Marc guide us through the process was like having a collaborator on our team ensuring everything was done properly, thoroughly, and with the utmost care. We recommend Marc and call him a friend.
Richard N.
My husband and I had been putting off our estate planning for quite some time, but after hearing Marc give a presentation at my daughter’s school, we finally stopped procrastinating. Marc and his staff were extremely professional and went above and beyond to make sure we ended up with a product that we were happy with. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to help us with this very important part of our lives. I feel confident that the plan we’ve put in place will fulfill our wishes when we need it to. I’m also confident that we’ve found a family lawyer for life.
Teddi Readinger

Marc and his team recently helped my Mom put together her family trust.  During our initial complimentary consultation with Marc, Mom came away with the feeling that Marc would be looking out for her best interests and would help shield her estate from the dreaded word “probate”.  It is important to note that Marc and his staff are quick to respond to any questions or concerns you may have that arise during the process.  If you are looking for a professional that is knowledgeable and passionate in estate planning I highly recommend that you schedule an appointment with Marc.

Michael U.
What sets Marc apart is his ability to think out the future. Marc has excellent vision for the needs of families, especially those with young children. He is proactive in his approach, genuinely cares about the needs of his clients, and is responsive. An absolute pleasure to work with, I highly recommend Marc for estate planning and advise on small business issues.
Monica Campbell
Our family has worked with Marc’s office and known him personally for a number of years. We particularly appreciate that he is always available and promptly responds whether by phone or by email, and that he is so proactive in making sure issues get addressed, often before we are even aware of them. It is great to have a personal, knowledgeable family attorney, especially as more and more services move to generic internet sites that don’t understand your specific situation. I would highly recommend Marc.
Matthew Foss