Community Outreach Programs

We offer many different FREE, educational, and empowering programs presented by our founder and managing attorney, Marc Garlett. Each program shares the value of legacy at its core and focuses on a specific element of family legacy building. Discover which programs are right for your group:

Programs for Parents…

As a dad with two kids at home, Marc shares and understands the concerns and needs of other busy parents with minor children.

He knows how much you want to fully protect your children, as well as just how easy it is to put off finalizing the legal planning necessary to actually accomplish that goal.

Marc leads three different programs designed to empower parents to understand – and complete – the essential planning every parent needs to have in place.

Mom’s Group Talk

A short, friendly and informal, 20-30-minute-long participatory talk titled “The Straight Scoop on Legal Planning for Busy Parents”. This small group facilitated discussion centers around what parents often feel concerned about but don’t always know how to prepare for. Dads and grandparents are always welcome, too, of course!


Kids Protection Seminar

Kids Protection Seminar

An entertaining and educational, 60-minute long PowerPoint presentation for parents titled “Planning for a Lifetime of Protection, Guidance & Love”. Moms and dads will take away the 9 easy steps they must take now to ensure their minor children are always protected and provided for, no matter what happens in the future.


Guardian Nomination Workshop

A 2-hour group workshop complete with legal guidance and counsel, hands-on instruction, and personal support for parents as they work with Marc to draft documents naming legal guardians for their minor children (each participant takes home fully completed legal guardian documents).