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Why You Can’t Afford to Go Without an Estate Plan

October 19th-25th, 2020 is National Estate Planning Awareness Week, so if you’ve been thinking about creating an estate plan, but still haven’t checked it off your to-do list, now is the perfect time to get it done. When it comes to putting off or refusing to create an estate plan, your mind can concoct all […]

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What You Should Know Before Agreeing to Serve as Trustee

Being asked by a loved one to serve as trustee for their trust upon their death can be quite an honor, but it’s also a major responsibility—and the role is definitely not for everyone. Indeed, serving as a trustee entails a broad array of duties, and you are both ethically and legally required to properly […]

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Once Your Kids Are 18, Make Sure They Sign These Documents

  While estate planning is probably one of the last things your teenage kids are thinking about, when they turn 18, it should be one of their (and your) number-one priorities. Here’s why: At 18, they become legal adults in the eyes of the law, so you no longer have the authority to make decisions […]

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The Need for a Go-Bag Is Even More Important During a Pandemic

    In response to a series of wildfires that ravaged Southern California in 2017, I wrote a previous article explaining https://www.calilaw.com/saving-matters-12-must-items-pack-go-bag/ ready in the event a natural disaster or other emergency strikes your home. Go-bags originated with the US military, which requires its personnel to always keep one on-hand packed with the essential items needed […]

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Supreme Court Case Could Impact LGBTQ Adoption, But Estate Planning Offers Alternate Options

    A case on the Supreme Court’s docket for October could have a major impact on the parental rights of same-gender couples seeking to adopt or foster children. In February, the high court agreed to hear Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, which deals with whether taxpayer-funded, faith-based foster care and adoption agencies have a […]


Sweeping Changes to Estate Tax Policy in Play this November

The 2020 Democratic National Convention just wrapped up and Vice-president Joe Biden was officially nominated as the Democratic candidate for president. The Republican National Convention will kick off next week with President Donald Trump slated to be nominated for a second term. With the major candidates set, It’s sure to be an exciting (if you’re […]

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What the Netflix Series Tiger King Can Teach You About Estate Planning

    Anyone who has seen the hit Netflix documentary Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness can attest that it’s one of the most outlandish stories to come out in a year full of outlandish stories. And while Tiger King’s sordid tale of big cats, murder-for-hire, polygamy, and a missing millionaire may seem too outrageous […]

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How to Avoid the Need for a Prenuptial Agreement

      Last week, I discussed some of the pros and cons of using prenuptial agreementshttps://www.calilaw.com/prenuptial-agreement-pros-and-cons/ . Here, we’ll look at different estate planning vehicles that could provide similar—or even better—protection than prenups.   Revocable living trust created by you: By setting up a revocable living trust and funding it with your separate assets […]